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CF is a netCDF convention which is in wide and growing use for the storage of model-generated and observational data relating to the atmosphere, ocean and Earth system.

This package is an implementation of the CF data model, and as such it is an API allows for the full scope of data and metadata interactions described by the CF conventions.

With this package you can:

  • Read CF-netCDF and PP format files, aggregating their contents into as few multidimensional fields as possible.
  • Write fields to CF-netCDF files on disk.
  • Create, delete and modify a field’s data and metadata.
  • Select fields by their metadata values.
  • Subset a field’s data to create a new field.
  • Perform arithmetic and comparison operations with fields.

All of the above use Large Amounts of Massive Arrays (LAMA) functionality, which allows multiple fields larger than the available memory to exist and be manipulated.

See the cf-python home page for downloads, installation and source code.

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