Classes of the cf module

Field classes

cf.Field A field construct according to the CF data model.
cf.FieldList An ordered sequence of fields.

Field component classes

cf.AuxiliaryCoordinate A CF auxiliary coordinate construct.
cf.CellMeasure A CF cell measure construct containing information that is needed about the size, shape or location of the field’s cells.
cf.CellMethods A CF cell methods object to describe the characteristic of a field that is represented by cell values.
cf.CoordinateBounds A CF coordinate’s bounds object containing cell boundaries or intervals of climatological time.
cf.CoordinateReference A CF coordinate reference construct.
cf.Data An N-dimensional data array with units and masked values.
cf.DimensionCoordinate A CF dimension coordinate construct.
cf.Domain Completely describe a field’s coordinate system (domain).
cf.Flags Self-describing CF flag values.
cf.Units Store, combine and compare physical units and convert numeric values to different units.

Miscellaneous classes

cf.Datetime A date-time object which supports CF calendars.
cf.Query Store a query operation.
cf.TimeDuration A duration of time.

Base classes

cf.Coordinate Base class for a CF dimension or auxiliary coordinate construct.
cf.Dict A dictionary-like object with attributes.
cf.Variable Base class for storing a data array with metadata.

Inheritance diagrams

The classes defined by the cf package inherit as follows: