The cf-plot package provides metadata-aware visualisation for cf fields. This is a seperate library and cf does not depend on it.

The functionality of cfplot includes

  • Cylindrical projection plots
  • Polar stereographic plots
  • Latitude/longitude - height plots
  • Hovmuller plots
  • Vector plots
  • Stipple (significance) plots
  • Multiple plots on a page
  • Different colour scales
  • User defined axes
  • Rotated pole plots
  • Irregular grid plots
  • Graph plots


There are many and varied examples of using cf-plot with cf on the cf-plot homepage ( Two simple examples are shown here.

A simple 2-d contour plot could be produced as follows:

>>> import cf
>>> import cfplot
>>> f = cf.read_field('')
>>> cfplot.con(f)

A simple 1-d line plot could be produced as follows:

>>> f = cf.read_field('')
>>> cfplot.lineplot(f, marker='o', color='blue', title='Zonal mean zonal wind at 100mb')