Data.argmax(axis=None, unravel=False)[source]

Return the indices of the maximum values along an axis.

If no axis is specified then the returned index locates the maximum of the whole data.

Examples 1:
>>> d.argmax()
axis: int, optional

The specified axis over which to locate te maximum values. By default the maximum over the whole data is located.

unravel: bool, optional

If True, then when locating the maximum over the whole data, return the location as a tuple of indices for each axis. By default an index to the flattened array is returned in this case.

Data or int or tuple

The location of the maximum, or maxima.

Examples 2:
>>> d = cf.Data(numpy.arange(120).reshape(4, 5, 6))
>>> d.argmax()
>>> d.argmax(unravel=True)
(3, 4, 5)
>>> d.argmax(axis=1)
<CF Data: [[4, ..., 4]]>